So I may have forgotten I had this blog… My bad. 


Here’s an update on how the summer’s been so far:

I decided not to do that research project I was going to attempt. I was looking forward to it, but I decided that I should maybe focus on my upcoming internship instead. So maybe a research project will come one day, but I don’t think it’s going to be this summer. BUT I’m still going to be published alongside one of my professors and some other student teachers: I’ll be featured in a scholarly article about resetting: an educational theory I’m actually quite interested in, one I think I did quite well implementing in my PSII, so that’ll be neat.

Since I’m not writing a research paper and therefore am not reading piles of journal articles and papers, I thought I should still do something with my brain and not just let it sit around and become numb from summer boredom… So I went down to the Public Library (which I forgot existed) and got myself a library card. I’m pleased to say that I’m rushing through some nice fiction novels like a fiend! It’s been lovely to just sit in the sun by the pool and read until my heart is content. Oh how I enjoy reading for pleasure!

The flip side to my leisure reading has been working. I had a strange revelation the other day where I realized that as much as I hate all the BS that goes with a part time, no experience, no education required job, I really love serving. Being a waiter is a strange joy I get. I really love talking to new people and I love the process of ordering food and how busy a Friday night at a restaurant can be. Which is why I’m bittersweet about this announcement: I left my serving job for full-time employment at a popular summer camp! Starting Monday I’m a new Team Leader for children aged 8-10! I’m pretty excited for it. I’ve been working as a temp for this camp for a few weeks and I’ve come to really love the kids, it’s made me reconsider teaching elementary school. I don’t think I’d hate it! So that’s cool.

As PSIII nears, I find I’m becoming less nervous and more excited. The other day I found myself rehearsing my welcoming speech to my Grade 10 Drama class! I can’t wait to get back to the classroom (cough, cough the theatre!). 


So yeah, sorry for peacin’ out there for a bit. I’ll try and stay more regular about posting!


I’m good. Bored as fuck… I spent like three hours in the university library reading random educational articles and plays. 
I’ve been dealing with finding a balance between Theatre Kevin and Teacher Kevin. It’s proving to be extremely difficult. I feel like I’ve been completely separated from the Drama department and it hurts. But whenever I go back there I’m not recognized and I feel rejected. Not that anyone is actively rejecting me, I just feel that way… And whenever I step into teacher Kevin I don’t feel good enough. Like it’s so competitive and I don’t have that type of personality so it’s hard for me to care – but then I feel bad about not caring because I literally need to fight for my position in the faculty (even though I’m already in it…).
I had a moment while I was in the library where I had two educational research articles in one hand and two plays in the other. Both of which I was excited about reading but I found it hard to pick which one to open first… If I read education stuff, am I rejecting Theatre Kevin? If I read the plays first, am I not putting enough effort into Teacher Kevin?

I just don’t know.

So that’s an ongoing thing that I’ve been working through in my lonesome. But don’t let this affect you lol It’s been on my mind for a while and I knew eventually I would have to face this dilemma, it just so happens to be that this keeps creeping into my mind now that I literally have nothing to do all day.

Enough about me, how are you?

So I’ve been thinking recently that I might use my summer to write a paper. 
Not a paper for a class or an essay for a scholarship… Like a real, academic article that could be reviewed by my professors and possibly published. 

I don’t know how that whole process works, but I think I have a grasp on research and sound idea for my research and now I have the time to conduct it. 

My topic is going to look at why people choose they professions they choose. Is there some deep-rooted reasoning beyond the superficial reasons? 


My idea came to me when I was having a conversation with an old friend of mine.
We’ve known each other since we were nine. Same schools, same neighbourhood, friends forever type-dealio. I know him pretty well but it was shocking for me three years ago when he chose to study accounting. I didn’t think it would be a very long-lived education path, but I supported him none-the-less.
Well it’s three years later and we’re talking about graduating next year and where we want to work and stuff and he mentions that he’s always wanted to be an accountant. Again, I was shocked. I’ve literally known this person for over half his life and he didn’t express any interest in math or numbers until very recently… We both almost failed high school math together! 

So it occurred to me, is there some innate, deep-rooted reasoning for the career choices we make? 
In my own case, I would say it’s a combination of luck and thoughtfulness that has led me to where I am now. I originally started post-secondary school to become an actor and I would use my education degree later in life when I stopped enjoying acting, though that changed in my second year of college when I discovered technical theatre and design. But again, in my fourth year of university, I changed to wanting to be a teacher. Something I had on reserve in the back of my brain (mostly for when my parents/grandparents asked what I wanted to do with my life). This is the luck part of my choice. I knew I had the ability to be a teacher, but the desire came after; once I started taking more education classes.

So really, why do people choose to do the things they do? Is it superficial? Is it thoughtful? Is it pure luck? Is it a true expression of themselves? What are we all about? 

I’ll let you know as soon as I find out!

So this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever had to pleasure of enjoying.

Watch and be amazed. I hope this happens to me one day.

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It happens to the best of us.

Sometimes you just get lost in the world of Pinterest…

You’re just having a regular day, pluggin’ along doing whatever and suddenly, you feel the need to browse Pinterest.
At first, you just look through what your friends have been pinning. Maybe you see something cute so you repin it.
But then you really get into it and you’re commenting out loud so everyone around you knows you’re on Pinterest. I don’t know about you, but I often get really, really into it and end up redesigning my entire house and wardrobe… It can be pretty bad.

Then you resurface and realize that you’ve just pinned like 84 new pins and created two new boards and you think ‘holy shit, I probably didn’t really want all of that!’. So you review everything you just pinned (which takes another fifteen minutes) only to realize that yes, you do in fact, need those things in your life.

So you log onto Facebook and update your status to tell everyone you apologize for turning into a Pinterest whore for the last while…

I like art.

I really do. If you creep my Pinterest page, you’ll notice that a lot my repins are of art pieces. I really enjoy browsing the art category and I LOVE the art section of any store. If I had money… correction – when – I have money, I would love to choose a bunch of art for my house and then hire someone to curate it for me.

I would be an art collector, I really like how pieces stir one to contemplate stuff. There’s a statue in downtown Lethbridge that just mesmerizes me. When I’m driving, I have to be conscientious to not look it because it distracts me. And I’m not confused by it or annoyed by it or anything. I just find it fascinating. There are two statues at the U of L that also intrigue me. One I hate, but I still find it intriguing. The other both confuses and intrigues me.

I like when art makes me think. Not about ‘Oh I wonder how they did that?’ or ‘why did they choose that like that?’ I like when art makes me think about myself or something else – but without reminding of it. It’s a hard concept to explain. Maybe if I’d’ve taken an Art class or something, I would know how to explain myself. But for now, just know that I like art.

I hate my own art. And I just found out why.
I hate my own art because I like things symmetrical. I organize things very symmetrically, my life is very balanced; very precise. But since I cannot draw a straight, clean, sharp line to save my life, I hate my own art. I would love to be able to do art with hard edges, straight lines, sharp corners, and symmetry – but I can’t. Maybe you’re allowed to use rulers and triangles in art, but I don’t want to… So I don’t and then I end up hating my own art.

So that’s why I’m not an artist.

YET I would call myself a designer. I LOVE LOVE LOVE drafting with a burning passion. This may sound like sarcasm, but it is not. I actually very much enjoy my rulers, and triangles, and protractors, and different sizes of pencils, and different weights of lead. It makes me very happy because there is structure and organization, but still creativity.

So there’s a little art rant for you…

I often get a little confused, or even worried, when I see “inspirational quotes” for teachers that say things like “you can always improve” or “just because you’re good doesn’t mean you couldn’t be better”.

Fucking duh.

Is that not the point of being a teacher? Like, is that not what you’re told every year of university? “There’s no such thing as a great teacher because you can always be better”. It doesn’t sound bad – it’s exciting!

I chose this profession because (and I quote one of my absolute favourite professors here) “teachers have one foot in the classroom and one foot in academia”. I’m pretty sure a professional obligation is attending PD sessions to improve your practice. I love that I get to teach but also act as an academic. I want to be able to go from classroom teacher to academic within the same day. I want to attend conferences, read scholarly articles, host sessions, and brainstorm with other teachers so that I can bring the ideas I’m learning into my own classroom!

I just hate when I see dumb quotes for teachers about improvement. In my humble, preservice naïvety, I would think that self-improvement is a given in the educational world. I would presume that you’re in this profession not to be the greatest teacher ever, but to become the greatest teacher you can be…

Okay so I presume you all went to formal school with set classes, teachers, bells, and textbooks. You know those days when your teacher was a tad cray? It’s ’cause the bitch was tired.
Now, I’ve never been good at sleeping on a Sunday night and sure it’s been annoying on Monday mornings… But I’ve only ever had class on Monday mornings. Now I have to teach the class. And teaching while tired is one of the worst things ever.
You can’t think straight
You can’t deal with more than one thing at a time
You can’t problem solve
You can’t differentiate instruction
You can’t teach

It’s awful. I hate it. And I feel bad for my kids because I’m extra bitchy so what normally I would ignore, I’ll probably be annoyed by and yell at someone for, which isn’t fair to them.
Not to mention I’m not a real teacher, just a student teacher/intern so professionalism is part of my grade. Bitch, I’m tired. I don’t wanna be all professional!

So teaching while tired is horrible for everyone involved. I recommend not doing it… And if you sense that maybe your teacher is tired, leave that shit alone and behave!

I laughed way too hard at this...

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So I saw Evil Dead last Sunday and it was AWESOME!

In the past I avoided scary movies at all costs. I hated them. I hated being scared, I hated having nightmares, I hated the potential of having nightmares, I just didn’t want anything to do with scary movies.

Recently, however, I’ve been really into them. I’ve decided that I really like being scared, so long as I know I’m not in any immediate danger. For example, I think it’s hilarious when people jump out from behind shit to scare me. I think it’s funny because A) I know I’m safe; I’m in a familiar place (i.e. not the woods), and it’s probably someone I know who’s doing the scaring. And 2) I never know what noise I’m going to make or how I’ll react, so when it does happen I have something to laugh at afterward…

Anyways… I like seeing scary movies now because they make me scared, but I know I’m safe because I’m in a movie theatre with people I trust and I never know how I’m going to react (which usually ends up being lolgasmic).

Evil Dead was fantastic because it was the perfect amount of “holy fucking shit that’s the scariest fuckin’ thing ever!”, “that’s the creepiest thing ever!”, and “what the fuck? That was disgusting, I might actually vomit!”. It starts off scary as shit and so effing nasty. Like, the first five minutes were enough to deter anyone weak of heart and scare the fuck out of anyone who wasn’t prepared. It was actually horrifying… Then it introduces the characters (included are two really hot guys and some mildly attractive females). We then learn why these random people are meeting at some creepy-ass cabin in the woods: the one bitch is a coke/heroin addict or something and her friends have chosen this place to detox her because last time they tried, it was too easy for the bitch to get her fix again because they were in the city. I don’t know shit about crazy drugs so sorry if that was wrong, I probably don’t give a fuck though.

Anyflop.. She dumps her stash down a well and then fun camping activities ensue. The next day she goes crazy and wants to leave. Everyone says no so she steals the keys to a car and attempts to drive away. But she’s all loopy from quitting cold turkey and crashes her car in a lake.

Meanwhile the one crazy chemistry teacher guy (or whatever) and the girl’s hot brother have discovered the creepy-as-shit-cellar because some dog smelled blood underneath a rug. Idfk it was all sorts of crazy. In the cellar there are nasty, dead cats hanging from the ceiling and the one post is all burnt and it’s just a creepy, nasty-ass, gross-you-out, gtfo of this cabin place. In the cellar they find “THE BOOK” and of course the teacher reads it aloud regardless of all the warnings written in it.

As he’s reading it, the bitch gets in a car crash and sees the demon whore from the first five minutes. Some evil shit slides out of the demon whore’s mouth and slides across the ground and climbs UP THE BITCH’S LEGS AND INTO HER VAG! I almost puked on my boyfriend (who’s sweater I was peering through while watching the movie). As a gay man, vaginas are terrifying enough. Too much skin and too many folds, ew. So watching this black death climb into her vag was horrifying enough for me to walk out of the theatre and be satisfied right then and there. It was so gross.

So now the bitch is evil. She somehow gets back to the cabin (I don’t remember how, I was busy swallowing my own vomit from the vagina incident). The next morning her brother goes to check on her and she’s all like “We have to go!” and he’s all like “No, your friends said we have to stay!”. She goes back to sleep and then decides to take a shower. Well fuck me Jesus. In the shower, she thinks it would be a good idea to turn the water to boiling and sit in the shower for a few minutes. Obviously she got all burnt, like third degree burns with blisters the size of tennis balls on her face – again, utterly disgusting. Her friend, the black girl, just happens to be a nurse and tries to treat her. But she goes apeshit and ends up getting locked in the cellar.

More shit goes down, all corresponding to “THE BOOK”. The nurse cuts off her own face with broken mirror glass, the brother’s girlfriend uses an electric knife to cut off her own arm. Like this is a nasty-ass Saw/Hostel/torture porn gross fuckin’ movie at this point.

The teacher and the hot brother realize how they can stop the evil. But at this point, the crazy girlfriend gets ahold of a compressed air nail gun and starts shooting everyone. The teacher steals the gun from her but then she finds a crowbar and starts beating everyone with it. I can’t remember how she dies (again, I was busy trying to not vomit on the row in front of me), but she dies.

So more shit goes down and the teacher dies. Then the brother buries the bitch (who’s been creepin’ from the cellar this whole time) because “THE BOOK” said so. He engineers this random contraption so that when he buries her, he can bring her back to life. Blah blah blah dramatic music, it works. Everyone is happy. The brother says, “I just have to go inside and get my keys.” So the bitch stays outside (smart, right?).

While inside, the teacher is still alive but is just as fucked as everyone else and tries to kill the brother. Shit goes down and the brother ends up starting the house on fire killing everyone but the main bitch.

She thinks she’s won, but then a naked-ass demon vomit bitch crawls out of the ground and more crazy, scary shit ensues. Also it’s raining blood… Forgot about that, sorry. Amongst the craziness, the bitch loses her hand but still ends up being able to start a chainsaw and slices the demon slut in half. It was pretty epic.

Then the sun shines and everything is good. Apparently this all happened in one night…

Sound epic right? It totally was. If you’re into any kind of horror movie (jumpy thriller, nasty torture, campy-teenage bullshit, paranormal ghost demons) this one’s for you. I got a lot out of it – I was pretty satisfied.

I’d say this movie lived up to all the advertising hype it was creating! Four out of Five stars!

I think it could’ve been five stars if it wasn’t so disgusting… Like there’s torture porn and then there’s Evil Dead. It was a bit much…


Don’t forget this is an opinion piece from a person who has no authority on movie critiquing or any credentials related to film. Don’t sass me if you think I’m wrong ’cause I probably won’t give a fuck.